Diet description

What is a STANDARD diet?

This diet plan is recommended for anyone who wants to maintain or lose weight while supplying all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It's a great solution for people who want to start an adventure with a healthy diet, but don't have time to prepare it. Properly designed healthy meals will allow you to establish proper eating habits and feel better. The meal plan is also intended for everyone who wants to have a good relationship with food.


Daily distribution of macronutrients:

25-35% fat

45-55% carbohydrates

Values may vary slightly (without affecting diet) on a daily and weekly basis - depending on the availability of fresh ingredients.


What products can you find in the STANDARD diet?

Meat, fish

Dairy products

Pearl barley, rice, pasta


Vegetables, fruit

Healthy fats

Wholegrain bread


Other healthy cereals


What results can be expected when following the STANDARD diet?

Weight loss

Increased energy


Don't cook! offers several calorie variants of the Standard menu:

  • 1200 kcal
  • 1400 kcal
  • 1600 kcal
  • 1800 kcal
  • 2000 kcal
  • 2200 kcal
  • 2500 kcal

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