Diet description

What is the PALEO diet?

It is intended for people with intolerance to gluten and lactose. The diet is based on meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds. This diet includes the exclusion of cereals (including naturally gluten-free cereals), dairy products and dried legumes from the diet. So if you do not feel well about carbohydrates, this option is the right one for you. The paleo diet is not just about counting calories and weighing products and then checking the results on the weight. This is not a miraculous diet that you can leave after a few intense weeks and return to your old diet. The Paleo diet is more than just a diet, it is more of a lifestyle that, in addition to the right products on the plate, favors simplicity, a more natural, primary solution and encourages to slow down the pace of everyday life. In addition, a daily diet aimed at reducing carbohydrates may prove particularly useful for certain health problems.

There are 5 dishes in each set.


Calorie intake in the Paleo diet:

  • 1200 kcal
  • 1400 kcal
  • 1600 kcal
  • 1800 kcal
  • 2000 kcal
  • 2200 kcal
  • 2500 kcal

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